The Custom33 team has a love for racing and fabricating. The team has built hundreds of racecars previously so rests assure we have the experience and knowledge it takes to build a square and straight chassis. The chassis has front end geometry that makes for a nice ride down the street but if you wanted to get aggressive on the back roads you will feel the car hug the corners.

The stance of the car looks great with a Custom33 chassis. The rear fenders are 8-9inches from the ground and the front grill is roughly 6-7inches, these numbers were given with a 27inch tire height on the rear and 25 ½ front. We recommend using this very easy Tire Height Calculator if you have questions about what wheel and tire combo to put on your Custom33 car.

Chassis Detail
Wheelbase 110inch
Track width 68-71 inch depending on wheels
Chassis 2x4 steel
Rear Suspension 4 link with Coilover Mounts installed
Rear End Ford 9 inch
Front Suspension Custom Strut Suspension, Tubular Upper A-frame, Pinto Spindle
Steering End Chrome Mustang II rack
Body Mounts Included and hole drilled
Brakes 11inch Front and Rear disk brakes

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